In a nutshell

Set up via internet

Easily set all functions using your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Het dashboard van de signaalklok module
Tijdschema aanpassen functies

Many break times

Our system has 4 schedules with a maximum of 50 switching times per schedule. A maximum of one schedule is active at a time. This way, you can easily switch between a standard schedule and another schedule, for example

Furthermore, you can add up to 25 holiday periods.

Easy to install

Connect the Signaalklok to your network, bells / buzzers and power. You will then receive an e-mail containing the IP address of the module. Type this into your browser’s address bar and you can start setting up!

Module met 2 ingangen en 2 uitgangen

All information

Was this not enough information? Then check out all the information by topic below!


The web interface allows you to operate and manage the module using your internet browser

  • From the dashboard, inputs/outputs are easy to control
  • On the dashboard, you can easily see which time schedule is active
  • You can choose which inputs/outputs are visible on the dashboard
  • The interface is modern and scales to your device
  • Protection is possible for both settings and the dashboard (basic authentication)
  • It is possible to use your own NTP server
  • Time schedules and bell rhythms easily set via a graphical interface
  • Choice of 3 languages: Dutch, English and German

Time schedules

Easily edit the time schedules

  • There are 4 time schedules with 50 switching times
    • Switching times can be assigned to different days. For example, if you want to signal at 08.00 every day, you can do so with one of 50 switching times
  • A maximum of one timetable is active, e.g. you can switch between a normal timetable and a special/shortened timetable
  • Easy management of holidays/days off
    • Switching off holiday periods is possible
    • You can add up to 25 holiday periods
  • An individual bell rhythm can be selected for each switching time

Bell rhythms

You can create your own bell rhythms or use the pre-programmed ones

  • Choice of 16 pre-programmed bell rhythms
  • 8 of these rhythms can be manually adjusted
  • Rhythms can be listened to on your device (PC/tablet/smartphone)
  • You can easily choose a standard rhythm
  • You can select a different rhythm for each switching time