A solution for everyone

Whether you want to modernise an existing school bell system or install a completely new break signalling system; We have the solution!

The following solutions are available:

  • A standalone module to which you can connect classic signal generators (e.g. a standard school bell / buzzer)
  • An MP3 system which can be connected to an existing soundsystem
  • A complete unit (built in speaker) with internet connection and own settings or a master-slave system. Master-slave system not yet available.


A master-slave system allows you to connect several signal generators (the slaves) to a main signal generator that controls all the others (the master). The master-slave system is still under development and will most likely be available in 2024.

All devices have the same main functions, but are all a bit different in their implementation. The main functions can be found on the page “functions”. Interested in all our solutions? Take a look below!

The differences

Conventional bell / buzzer

Do you still have conventional school bells or buzzers in your school or company? Or do you want to set up a system with these signalling devices? Then the SIG-1.1-A, SIG-2.2-A or SIG-1SSR-A is the way to go.

On these devices, you can connect a bell to a relay (mechanical switch). It is also possible to connect a switch to the input to manually switch on the bell.

The SIG-1.1-A has one input and one output, where the SIG-2.2-A has two. The SIG-1SSR-A is a complete solution with socket to which you can easily connect signal generators.

(Existing) PA system

The SIG-MP3.8-A in combination with the SIG-1.1-A or SIG-2.2-A allows you to deliver break signals through your public address/sound system.

The player has 8 trigger inputs for starting different audio files. It is possible to use your own audio files using the micro-SD card.

The player can be connected to your system with the two cinch (tulip) outputs. There is also a relay output that can be used to control any priority input.

Note that the SIG-MP3.8-A is only the system’s sound module. The SIG-1.1-A or SIG-2.2-A is needed to set the signal times.
Wandsignaalklok met ingebouwde speaker

Built in speaker

With a “wandsignaalklok (Dutch name)” with built-in speaker, you can easily create a small-scale system. This signal clock can be connected to the internet via POE (Power Over Ethernet).

The main advantage of the “wandsignaalklok” is that the buzzer and control are in one unit with just one plug.

Each “wandsignaalklok” must be configured separately. Want to easily set up multiple signal clocks at the same time? Then take a look at our master-slave system.

Coming soon

Master-slave system

Our master-slave system consists of a main unit (MasterController) and one or more master-slave units. These units are in the form of a wall speaker that you can easily connect via POE (Power Over Ethernet, adapter included).

Once connected, you can easily set the units as master (“driver”) or slave (“follower”). The system has 8 different zones, each of which can have its own signal times. It is also possible to have several masters in a system, giving the possibility of even more zones.

Not sure?

Not sure which product is right for your situation? Then feel free to contact us for free advice! We can be reached by e-mail, post or telephone (during our office hours).

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