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Everything for your Break Time signalling

System for break time signalling using network time

Signal horns, adapters, etc.

What can signaalklok do?

Using internet time, the Signaalklok module can send start, pause and end signals via an electric bell or (built-in) buzzer. The Signaalklok is used in schools, companies and institutions, among others.

Everything is easy to set up via the network (internet) with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our products

Whether you want to modernise an existing school bell system or install a completely new break signalling system; We have the solution!

The following solutions are available:

  • A standalone module to which you can connect classic signal generators (e.g. a standard school bell / buzzer)
  • An MP3 system which can be connected to an existing soundsystem
  • A complete unit (built in speaker) with internet connection and own settings or a master-slave system. Master-slave system not yet available.

The advantages


Also check out our range of accessories such as signal horns, signal bells, adapters and much more.

More information

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