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Your device uses network time (NTP) and synchronises with the NTP server via your router. The correct time is thus automatically retrieved via the internet. Summer/winter time settings are also automated. You can set your own location and time server when needed.

For system administrators: Our device uses port 123 to retrieve the NTP time. Check in the router if this port is open when the module cannot retrieve the time.

To check whether your device’s clock is running correctly, navigate to “Settings” and then “Time” via the web interface. You can now see the time obtained by your module from the NTP server.

For system administrators: Our device uses an autonegotiation 10/100Mbit/s chip. It is recommended that your network supports at least 100Mbit/s speed. This is the case in most (=almost all) schools/institutions/companies.

You can reset the module in 2 ways. The partial and the full reset. The partial reset restores the user name, password and network settings. The full reset resets all settings except ringtones, timetables and holidays.

Partial reset: Remove the power source and the cover from the module. You will now see a button labelled “RESET” roughly in the centre of the PCB. Press this button and while holding the button down, reconnect the power source. Wait 3 seconds and release the button again. The device will now retrieve an IP via DHCP again and you can log back in with the default password.

Full reset: Follow the steps for a partial reset, but now press and hold the button for 15 instead of 3 seconds.

In that case, perform a partial reset. Instructions can be found in the manual or above under the heading “How can I reset my device?”.

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